This is all about you and it starts with your story...

What makes your family special? It's nothing more than what you do together. Because the uniqueness of the memories is solely based on the people you love. When you look at photos in your album or displayed on your wall, the smiles, the personalities, and the love are all visible. These are the intangibles that I strive to capture with each and every client - my people as I fondly call you!

My experience with families and couples has taught me that you may be a bit nervous or shy about relaxing in front of my camera, and I totally understand. During your session with me, I will do my best to get you focused on the people around you and not on my camera. You'll be so busy tickling, hugging, chasing and yes blowing bubbles, that you'll forget I'm there. Because I want you interacting with each other and I have many tricks up my sleeve to get you close, engaged, and laughing. I want everyone to feel special during their session because this is part of the experience that I want to be memorable for you. 

Cherish Your Relationships.